Best Available Player: 2020 NFL Preview and Predictions

Welcome to Best Available Player’s comprehensive 2020 NFL season preview. Over the next eight days, we’ll release one divisional preview for each division starting with the AFC East and ending with the NFC West. Each preview was written by a different member of our talented writing team and they’ll provide you with all the key information you need to know heading into the season.

Everything will culminate on September 10th when our staff picks and predictions article will be released. We surveyed 19 members of the Best Available Player team and asked them for their input on how they see the 2020 NFL season panning out. From division champions to award winners and everything else in between, you’ll find it all in the staff predictions article.

This will serve as a landing page for all of our 2020 NFL preview content. As such, it will be updated daily, so be sure to check back each day for something new!


9/2 – AFC East Preview (by Ross Anderson)

9/3 – AFC North Preview (by Zach Cosenza)

9/4 – AFC South Preview (by Billy O’Neill)

9/5 – AFC West Preview (by Joe Colonna Jr.)

9/6 – NFC East Preview (by Noah Preschel)

9/7 – NFC North Preview (by David Austin Gest)

9/8 – NFC South Preview (by Matt DeLuca)

9/9 – NFC West Preview (by Ryan Waldis)

9/10 – Staff Picks and Predictions for the 2020 NFL Season

(Cover Photo: Getty Images)

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