Forward Progress Teaser (8/17/20)

In this teaser episode of Forward Progress, hosts Caroline and Sophia introduce themselves and preview what they’ll be discussing in future episodes. All music for this podcast kindly provided by James Barrett.

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Caroline: Hi everyone, and by everyone, we mean hopefully someone. [dramatic pause] Hello and welcome to Forward Progress with Sophia and Caroline.

Sophia: Welcome! I think we’ll have a few loyal fans, my mom included.

C: I’m Caroline Mattise, but first let me introduce my podcast partner, Sophia Lewin. Sophia is currently an offensive quality control coach at Princeton University. After graduating in 2019 with a degree in sociology, with a concentration in gender and race, she earned a coaching job at Hudson Catholic High School in Jersey City. Her ultimate goal is to be a head coach in the NFL. Which is great because, that means I don’t have to sit on metal benches in the freezing cold forever. [chuckles] She’s tough on her athletes that she sets the bar high, but she is always there for them working with them to get better in all aspects of their life.

S: That was pretty good. That was good.

C: Thank you, just a few bumps.

S: You forgot that I beat you in a round of mini golf, and all mini sports. But, I digress. Caroline Mattise is a former Division I tennis player, a three-time captain of the Monmouth’s women’s tennis team and was a newspaper editor and writer during undergrad year. An overall sport enthusiast. In the future Caroline will work the Olympics and Paralympics and grow the reach of sport to all people, including those at the margins of society. She’s a fantastic writer, a thoughtful friend, the best teammate one could have, and my favorite person in the whole wide world.

C: So what will this podcast be about?

S: Ummm…[laughter]so you and I talk about sports all the time. I think about Sue Bird, and Pinoe, and Scout Bassett and also Hillary Knight and Nneka Ogwumike. Everything that people are doing in the World of Sports. But we talk about people that aren’t on ESPN everyday, but who are moving and shaking the foundation of sports and the world at large. We’ve been so inspired by so many athletes and coaches whose stories are just not really told and with this podcast we want to be able to tell those stories of resilient people, laugh a little, spread love and positivity through our shared love of sports. Does that pretty much cover it?

C: Oh jeez, I guess so. There’s so much to talk about in the World of Sports but whatever this podcast is, we just hope you enjoy it and you learn something new.

S & C: This is Forward Progress!


C: Forward Progress is produced by Caroline Mattise with a little help from Sophia Lewin, and is brought to you by Best Available Player. Find more podcasts, articles, and video content related to sports and entertainment on bestavailableplayer.com. All the music in this podcast is by James Barrett, a good friend and an even better musician. Be sure to check him out on your favorite music streaming platform. And, because we’re all about inclusivity and accessibility each episode of forward progress will be transcribed and available on bestavailableplayer.com.

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