Grading the NHL “Reverse Retro” Jerseys

With the recent release of the NHL’s “Reverse Retro” series of jerseys, I decided to give them all grades to see who succeeded, who failed, and who likely forgot to submit anything until the last minute (looking at you, Islanders).

Anaheim Ducks: A+

I am personally a big fan of the original Mighty Ducks design, so this fresh take on a classic logo is very welcomed. Followed the “reverse” part of “reverse retro” very well with the inverse color scheme of their classic jerseys. Easily one of the best of the series.

Arizona Coyotes: A+

I love the purple twist on the Coyotes classic Kachina style jersey. The purple sky looks fantastic and is very fitting for the era. Why they ever moved away from the Kachina jerseys in the first place we may never know.

Boston Bruins: A

I love the “Meth Bear” on the shoulders and the return of the non-serifed spoked B. A classic look and a welcomed addition. The only downside is the sleeves ending with white, also might be a little hard to see on the ice considering bright colors.

Buffalo Sabres: C

Colors are ok, not a huge fan of the “Buffalo” on the bottom. I am also slightly disappointed they didn’t go with their 90’s red-eyed buffalo design. Classic Sabres wasting potential as always (@ Jack Eichel).

Calgary Flames: A+

Probably my favorite jersey of the set. I love the Blasty logo and the design is amazing. All around a fantastic job.

Carolina Hurricanes: A

I wasn’t a huge fan of the gray at first but the more I look at it the more it grows on me. I am a huge fan of the Whalers design in general and Pucky The Whale on the shoulders is adorable.

Chicago Blackhawks: D

Overall a very “meh” design. No major changes and pretty uninspired look. Also the only team to have their model facing backwards in the picture. I wonder why…

Colorado Avalanche: A

Love the Nordiques logo with the Avs colors, a modern take on a classic logo. Personally I would have liked to see the classic blue that Nathan MacKinnon teased with some blue gloves a while back, but these still look fantastic.

Columbus Blue Jackets: C

The Blue Jackets are already starting from a deficit as they have a history of mediocre jerseys, but they did the best with what they had. If anything these look more like a Caps throwback.

Dallas Stars: D-

I am a little disappointed we didn’t see a Minnesota North Stars throwback here, but we will leave that to the team actually based in Minnesota. The white on silver design doesn’t look good, and will likely look even worse on the ice. At least they took the design from arguably their best jerseys.

Detroit Red Wings: F

This is a practice jersey. Not totally their fault as they have had pretty much the same design for their entire history, but this leaves a lot to be desired seeing how some teams really went big on the new designs.

Edmonton Oilers: C

Not great but not the worst. Just kind of meh. Glad they threw it back to the glory days in the 80’s, maybe one day they will get it together and get Connor McDavid the cup he deserves.

Florida Panthers: B

Really good use of the old leaping panther logo on the front and the red and blue contrast works very well. The classic palm tree and hockey stick on the shoulders is a nice touch as well. All around good job by the Panthers.

Los Angeles Kings: A

I love the purple and yellow and they used their second best logo, I would have liked to see them use the crown logo, but that is just preference. All around a fantastic job.

Minnesota Wild: B

Love the use of the North Stars colors with the current Wild logo. If anything they should make these their primary jerseys.

Montreal Canadiens: B

The deep blue and red makes this jersey extremely pleasant to look at. They took a timeless design and turned it into something just as good.

Nashville Predators: C+

It would have been nice to see them take inspiration from their 2020 Winter Classic jersey, but this is still pretty nice. Much better than their current primary jersey.

New Jersey Devils: A-

Great job doing a reverse of their classic jerseys with the green being the main color. These look great, good job Devils.

New York Islanders: F

Sharing the spot for worst with the Red Wings is the Islanders. Looks like they forgot to come up with a design until five minutes before they had to turn it in. No fisherman? Boooooo.

New York Rangers: B

Lady Liberty returns with these classic style jerseys. Although a bit plain, still a classic look that just works.

Ottawa Senators: C+

The Senators changed their logo this season very much for the better. The red with black is a simple but good look.

Philadelphia Flyers: C+

The design is a nice throwback to the Legion of Doom days. All around pretty good, will be interested to see these on the ice.

Pittsburgh Penguins: C

Bringing back the classic diagonal Pittsburgh logo is a nice throwback. Would have liked to see the return of the Robo-Penguin logo for these.

San Jose Sharks: C

I’m not crazy about the silver base, but the use of the classic logo is a nice touch.

St. Louis Blues: B-

Good use of the classic color scheme, a nice throwback to the 90’s. Would have liked to see the trumpet logo be on the front rather than on the shoulder but a good look nonetheless.

Tampa Bay Lightning: C-

These are just a recoloring of their original jersey. I feel like they could have tried a lot harder with these, but took the safe way out.

Toronto Maple Leafs: D

An odd combination of past jerseys, not a great look. The logo looks chunky and they used gray on these for whatever reason. Just another reason to not like the Leafs.

Vancouver Canucks: C

The gradient design is back for the Canucks, but this time it’s blue and green. The more I look at them the more it grows on me, but I can’t help but wish they had brought back the Flying Skate.

Vegas Golden Knights: C

A neat idea paying homage to the now defunct IHL’s Las Vegas Thunder, but they could have done more.

Washington Capitals: B-

Great use of the classic eagle logo, and Capitol Building on the shoulders. Keeping the old font for these works really well.

Winnipeg Jets: F

Not sure why these are so gray, maybe this is just how the city feels with all the Laine trade rumors going around. The classic color scheme was excellent, not sure why they decided to go with this. Also where is the Thrashers throwback?

(All photos via the NHL Twitter account)

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